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Nihari Beef or chicken

Complex dish consisting of beef stew cooked overnight with the a perfect combination of 13 authentic spices all the way from Pakistan.

Biryani Goat or chicken

This dish of our aromatic vibrant rice trace back their founding from the Mughal Dynasty back in 15th Century

Quorma Goat, Beef or Chicken

This flavorful, creamy, spiced curry is irresistible! You’ll fall in love with it when you try it !

Karahi Goat, Beef or Chicken

One of the most popular dishes from the Indo-Pak Subcontinent, curry simmered with a balance of most exquisite spices.

Paya Goat, Beef

Beef trotters, stewed overnight with precision and utmost dedication, taste is enhanced if coupled with fresh Naan.

Kheer Rice, Cream or Carrots

A type of rice pudding, with veritable blended ingredients cooked with diligence and precision just enough to take your tastebuds to heaven

Our Story

Journey from Karachi to VA

Opened in 1960 in Karachi, Pakistan as Café Zaiqa, we have mastered the art of making Nihari and now bringing the taste of home to your events right here in Northern Virginia.

We cater and deliver to all kinds of events, From Family Gatherings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, to Weddings.

We Use our own
Authentic Blend of Spices

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